"Once Upon a Time..."

The first fortress dates back to year 1000. There are attendible news that on January 26, 1041, by a diploma of Henry III Emperor, the castle was sold to the powerful bishop of Asti.
From the fifteenth century up to 1803 the Castle was converted to religious use and became a Convent.
Duke Vittorio Amedeo III was hosted there in 1783, as you can read on a plaque of the castle facade. Through the Napoleonic laws of 1803 the convent was confiscated by the French government and was sold to the noble and powerful Pogliani family from Asti, which transformed the Convent into a noble residence.

In early twentieth century the Pogliani sold the Castle to the Genoese shipowner Poggi who kept it up to the 1990s.

The completely restored castle covers an area of 2690 square meters for residential use and it includes
- Indoor heated and air conditioned pool
- Tennis courts
- Garden / park of about 11,000 square meters

The panoramic property is located on a promontory and surrounded by its ancient walls.

The castle is convertible in a touristic resort with the possibility to build an extra body on two floors covering an area of 675 sqm.


Square Meters ( m² ): 2700

Park ( m² ): 11000

Property class: Castle





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