Chinese TV chooses Turin for his new reality show

La troupe di Beijing Satellite tv - prestigioso network cinese che in base ai più recenti dati di CMMR e CTR (istituti di ricerca mediatica) è al terzo posto nella classifica nazionale delle televisioni (400 milioni ogni giorno) e al secondo in quanto a copertura sui mezzi di trasporto cittadini dotati di schermi - sta girando in questi giorni tra Torino le langhe e il Roero due episodi del reality show "Il mio matrimonio in giro per il mondo".

Piemonte Symphony


The underlying theme is that of relating Piemonte through an orchestrated symphony, a short road movie in which the journey is the pretext for a narration through images. The author, the Torino director Maurizio Bonino, presents an original and poetic vision of the region through a symbolic journey: the Orchestra Filarmonica ‘900 of Teatro Regio in Torino must reach the Piemonte capital. The journeys to the capital, led by the orchestra members, reveal the beauties and magic of the region to the sound of music. Through history, architecture and landscapes, the musicians will arrive at Teatro Regio, where the conductor Ezio Bosso will guide them towards a grand finale to thunderous applause. The main soundtrack of the work is the last movement of Sinfonia n°1 Oceans (Symphony no.1 Oceans) composed and directed by Maestro Ezio Bosso, with the new version given to Regione Piemonte for Piemonte Symphony.






Made in Piedmont: the winning Italy

Recently, Panorama, one of the two most-prominent Italian weekly magazines, ran a supplement entitled 'L'Italia che vince (Made in Piedmont: the winning Italy) in it's print edition (frustratingly not online!).

The supplement highlighted outstanding Piedmontese excellence and pointed to local companies with global reach and growing sales such as: Fiat Maserati, Pirelli, Ferrero (Nutella), Lavazza, Slow Food, Eataly, Ermenegildo Zegna, Loro Piana, Superga, Scarpe&Scarpe; the list went on with jewelry, musical instruments, biotechnology...

Go Piedmont, go!!!


Fred Wilson loves Piedmont

One of our contributors ("the Geek") is a regular reader of Fred Wilson's blog. Fred is a famous startup investor in NY who blogs about... well, techie things.

So it was with great surprise (and pleasure!) that he came a across this quote when Fred described his month-long holiday trip from Rome to Paris"our major stops were Lake Como, Cote D’Azur, Provence, Barcelona, San Sebastian, Bordeaux, and Paris. Of those, I would say Provence and San Sebastian were probably my favourites. I also loved the Piedmont wine region in Italy (Alba)..."

Is there anybody who comes to Piedmont and doesn't fall in love with it?!

Being a geek himself (and in investor in the company) Fred bookmarked all the 131 places he stopped at using Foursquare. His Piedmont stops are number 15 to 19.

A client's dream home's inner courtyard

One of our client's dream home has been featured in Homify, an Italian design blog
focusing on internal gardens.

The first image of the second section, 'Il cortile interno' (the inner courtyard) reads
"In this Piedmontese villa, the harmony of the climbing vine, potted plants and flowers create a perfect example of an inner courtyard. It's a solution well suited for those wanting a discrete place to enjoy a cup of coffee after lunch or a well-deserved rest away form prying eyes."

In addition (they don't mention this) this courtyard provides natural lighting to walkway between the living area and the bedrooms and, in summer, a lovely breeze to cool the house.

Beautiful and functional.