Piemonte Symphony


The underlying theme is that of relating Piemonte through an orchestrated symphony, a short road movie in which the journey is the pretext for a narration through images. The author, the Torino director Maurizio Bonino, presents an original and poetic vision of the region through a symbolic journey: the Orchestra Filarmonica ‘900 of Teatro Regio in Torino must reach the Piemonte capital. The journeys to the capital, led by the orchestra members, reveal the beauties and magic of the region to the sound of music. Through history, architecture and landscapes, the musicians will arrive at Teatro Regio, where the conductor Ezio Bosso will guide them towards a grand finale to thunderous applause. The main soundtrack of the work is the last movement of Sinfonia n°1 Oceans (Symphony no.1 Oceans) composed and directed by Maestro Ezio Bosso, with the new version given to Regione Piemonte for Piemonte Symphony.